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  1. i got it for $300 from seller @ sbf.. I doubt sg import any contour cam. U can try gopro hero hd 2, abt $499. Higher end specs
  2. This was film using Contour Roam using 720P due to my small memory card.. next time i will try its HD 1080P when my memory card arrived. Cheers~
  3. Happy CNY all~ First time creating video. Enjoy
  4. Hi, Will be collecting my 08 cbr600rr next wed.. looking forward to join the family soon and learn all abt this beast
  5. how much u selling yr 696? pls msg me @ 91776021

  6. just to share for http://stores.sportbiketrackgear.com/StoreFront.bok great site to view stuff, compare price to our sg market. personally i like their youtube reviews on gears n stuff.. damn nice http://www.youtube.com/user/Sportbiketrackgear?feature=mhw4
  7. thanks raz, i think i just drag till dec to get my new bike.. nth beats new bike
  8. wah.. my bike is 1 year old.. also 8k machine price.. also silver color body.. hmmmmmm
  9. y? any bad experince? my gsr was also bought from them
  10. wad makes the running too rich? maybe my riding style plays a part too.. haha.. i doubt is my battery cos its not frequent
  11. mine 44000km.. change to bmc air filter n iridium spark plug.. den fc drop from 280km full tank to 200km. den sometimes bike reach a certain rpm slowly die off.. need to stop at the side to let it rest awhile. zz dunno wads wrong with it..
  12. is there any '11 zx10r owner around?
  13. xindes

    Hi Aie,


    Can i view yr bike when yr free? Thinking of getting either a zx10r or 848 evo this dec or jan.

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