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  1. how much u selling yr 696? pls msg me @ 91776021

  2. xindes

    Hi Aie,


    Can i view yr bike when yr free? Thinking of getting either a zx10r or 848 evo this dec or jan.

  3. nice riding wif u guys time to take a nap.. got activity later on =D
  4. erm, anyone mind telling me wads the difference between a zr1000 and a z1000sx? the design seems to be different tats all?
  5. aie, u bought 35k OTR? wads the machine price for it? btw i heard many review that the bike lacks of mid range compare to other bikes.. anyway hows the fc for this baby?
  6. do u have e link to yr PIAA and ICON II? wanna see the damage thanks
  7. is hella horn legal during inspection? thinking of doing some mod to my current gsr.. any gd mod to recommand? is there PC for gsr 400 currently?
  8. it is for cb400/rvf400/cbr400rr.. T_T but im still thinking whether to sell it or trade it back + top for gsr leovince.. EJ u installed the leovince for gsr rite. hows the sound and performance? is it worth it?
  9. oh.. i tink its for spec 3 n below.. cos it stated can be use for rvf400 and cbr400.. hmm, meaning if buyer bought it and went for inspection it will come with a legal cert? sry for the noob question.. didnt install any aftermarket exhaust before.. haha
  10. woohoo won a leovince exhaust from sbf 9th anniversary draw ^^^^
  11. Hi, just need to enquire some info from u guys. I won a leovince carbon fibre oval exhaust from SBF 9th anniversary draw and its mean for CB400/CBR400/RVF400 as stated. 1) I believe it is street legal.. so one must installed in a shop and get approval from LTA to get the cert? 2) Whats the price for it in the current market? gonna sell it away since i can't use it.
  12. waahahahh i won the leovince exhaust from the lucky draw xD wad luck.. i was shock when my nick and number was being called out.. stood there like blur.. wahahh
  13. awww, liddat must wear skirt liao.. haha, its ok cya at the event ^^ ladies convoy.. shouldnt be hard to spot >.
  14. i stay woodlands also ^^ u part of the organising team?
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