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  1. i tried calling u and the lady say wrong no. hehe...me using the relay method and oso added a 470farad cap to the relay for the ballast. At first i try using a bridge recificter it work, it converts the AC current to DC Current but then again, when i turn on the headlight switch, the light on my dashboard become dim, so in the end, i change to relay. actually if u got the time plus the wiring of ur bike, you can actuall change ur bike orginal rectifier to bridge rectifier. once you change it, your whole bike will become DC liao....but then i dun wan to lost the function of being able to star
  2. Finally got it up. 2 ways to do it. For those bike which has AC and DC. 1. Use additional 4 pole relay(SPDT) 2. Convert ur headlight AC supply with the means of a bridge rectifier.
  3. How haf u been limbat? Muz meet up for Kopi.No I do not have switch, My intention is jus use the headlight switch hi-beam The problem is my bike headlight will only light when I start my bike. If I connect the hid to my key ignition n ground it, I got no problem firing up. My fren say the bike is using AC supply for the head light.
  4. I ask a question n I get reply which does not Ans my question with so much write up.
  5. is Paiseh and Limbat still around....or anyone noe how to install HID on X1, i can't seems to able start the HID when the cable is plug in to the headlight plug, but on the hand, i can start when i take the connection from the ignition key cable. my bikes is using AC cdi.
  6. nah..am bz with NDP stuff. sorry
  7. Do you have any problem with animals or with the organiser. Pls wake up your ****ing mind. If you are not joining the outings pls keep the comments to urself
  8. wow new photo ah....means next time alex cannot anyhow noe girl liao..haha
  9. tks alot for the explantation..but anyone doin a mo for this again
  10. Voltmeter.... Order 5 @ $25 Order 10 @ $23 1. EJ 2. EJ 3. e|ement 4. pipi 5. [email protected] 6. turbocharge (seldom online. contact 92331298) 7. Totalpet 8. Refugee 9. ayunzz28 10. fabianpbs 11. bigbounce (96867254) 12. Nemesis_5k (82888807) 13. jamesgoh13 (94368956) 14. wang zi 15. wingz 16. kennethy 17. Murphy (x2)
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