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  1. You got license liao boh?

  2. Ha ha ha...gut feel huh. Alright, go with your feel. Worse come to worse is just regret and disappointment, but you will overcome that when you get another Monster. Way better than getting a bike against your gut feel and your feelings are actually right.
  3. Used to stay Marsiling Dr too Blk 204....Ceiling Pri and Sec so near during those days. I love that neighbourhood so much.
  4. At least you still have 50% of the cash, not bad, lol. Ok, try other insurance company for the quote, cuz Liberty gives better quotes for Duke Superbikes, not so much for Monster. 4th owner is no big deal, as long as the bike is good in the first place. All the more you should keep the TA to make the running cost of the Monster lower. Trust me, if you are getting the Monster soon.
  5. Though the Ducati is a nice bike to ride, it is sickening to get stuck in a sunny Orchard road where the bike gets all overheated. It's a pleasure to blast the Ducati on a cool evening or Malaysia. Also the MAIN reason I dun go 1st link unless I am going to PG early morning. I would not say the Ducati is problematic, but most servicings take a couple of days, plus every 10k you need a valve check, and 20K you need belt change, which is pretty expensive to maintain. For this reason, it justify a spare bike for those "non pleasurable" trips to get groceries, kopi meetup, short commuting to/f
  6. Ok, to make it simple, you are not totally wrong. Experience from using Dot Race OTR is that they do give grip when I hit road. They do grip well enuff cold for normal street riding, but they are design to be better and stickier when heat up. So simple to say, using Dot Race OTR when it is dry has plentiful of grip, I dare to say is an overkill for street usuage. Just that during rainy/stormy days, you have to be really careful because DC3, PP2CT, etc would be much better in the wet. The thin grooves are meant for more contact patch in the dry and are weak at channeling out water. Plus Dot
  7. Most Class 2 bikes have headers ranging from 40mm to 50mm stock, and it looks thin but not in real person. The "nudeness" of the Monster makes the header looks deceptively smaller. Or you talking about exhaust?
  8. Looks clean, almost 5 yr old bike with 8K mileague, is consider low. Pretty much what you want, with Exhaust and the rest stock. My 748 was 15K when I got it, also almost 5 yr old. You have the cash, get it. And please keep your TA200, you will need that spare ride. Most guys who have Duc will tell you that.
  9. Get it, and use them as race fairings. I've seen the same fairings and also dreaming of them. But alas, I have no Duc to put them on.
  10. K3 would be like the SuperCorsa Pro (no compound selection) that comes stock on the Triumph 695 and Ducati 1098. These sit in between street/trackdays tyres (DC3, PP 2CT, Dunlop Alpha) and Dot Race tyres. World Superstock, is some fast sh|t bro! Dun think anyone of us is riding near that kind of tempo. K3 should be hard compound, while K2 is Medium compound, K1 is Soft, K0 is SuperSoft (qualifying tyres). Bro, I dun quite understand what you mean when you crash because you lean "over the threads". That means you lean over the tyre? Cuz I kindda feel this would happen on a Dot Race if
  11. Sports Attack is like Pilot Powers 2CT kind of tyres. http://www.conti-tyres.co.uk/contibike/tyres/sportattack.php Just make sure you dun run them at Race tyre pressures. 34F and 36R would be about right. Not I say, but the Tech Rep from Continental said so. I used the Contiforce Max then, Sports Attack took over the Contiforce Max. Wanna race with a Continental? Try these, if they are available in SG. http://www.conti-tyres.co.uk/contibike/tyres/raceattack.php All Dot Race tyres knowledges apply on Race Attacks. Problems with Continental is that they used names so similar, many
  12. Oops.... It's Motowheels.com, hee.....always got that wrong.
  13. Anything off the Duc accessorries catalogue like CF parts, DP parts, Termins..... You could also take a look at MotorWheels.com for many pretty and functional enhancements.
  14. If you park it away from the rain and get your bro to keep a lookout while you are away, I suggest you keep it. I been travelling awhile these few months, and my neighbour has been looking out for my bike. I know it will be hard when eventually I have to sell my duc, but it's comforting to know I'll be getting another one somewhere else in this world, hee hee. Probably the other bike that could get me off the Duc saddle would be either Buell or MV.
  15. Hmm....one bad bad thing about big bore kits are that once you need replacement parts like the piston or rings, you have to get the whole set..... Unless you could get an aftermarket company that sells the whole big bore kit and also the piece parts. So far, I only knew a company in States that specialised in 748, and have a big bore kit for that bike, with piece parts for sale for thereafter maintenance.
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