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  1. More details will be posted...... Brand: APRILIA Model: RSV4 FACTORY APRC Year: 2011 Engine Capacity: 999CC Mileage: 10K Factory model: Brembo brake caliper ohlins shock absorber and more Onboard Accessories: Lots of carbon fiber cover GBRacing engine guards LeoVince aftermarket exhaust Single seat cover and more... Additional: Full Set race Fairings BAZZAZ Power Injector Bike cover Contact: Eight 1124 FIVE FIVE 1 https://sg.carousell.com/p/wts-aprilia-rsv4-factory-aprc-2011-coe-2022-208215620/
  2. Regarding to the oil filler cap,


    I dunno about wave.. but Vtec and CBR is the same

  3. Happy New Year Everyone =)

  4. Sure, wire locking is done in bike shops.

    To tell u the truth, if people want to steal, they sure find ways to do it.




  5. Bro ur filler cap can fit cb400..? And how does it lock.. or can be open by anyone?

  6. thanks dafanshu but i not racer sia.. hahaha.. jia lat sia.. road side full of posters, everywhere in Thailand sia.. i got u a XL singlet Are we going to meet tis Friday?????
  7. sorry ahduck.. i didn't see it
  8. Ok ok relAx relax.. Snow_man.. Dafanshu.. U guys wan anything from Thailand.. I'm going tis fri..
  9. i dun think they will.. its new from the factory.. wif 0 km.. So which shop u planing to buy from?
  10. Snow_man more fierce.. i still remember that she say " ok ar.. when u see i hazard light mean stop liao, slow down than go in petrol station " mi " ok ok " after that she goes VROOOOOOOMMMMMMMMMmmmmmm............................ Her tail light i also cannot even see:sian: In the end i over shot the petrol station... hahahahahahaha i will tie a dog to my bike.. ROAR~~ hahaha
  11. why do i always have tis feeling that some 1 touch my bike in sch..
  12. Wa lao.. Now than have promotion.. Cheat my feeling sia..
  13. COE: $2290.. Good luck fredi
  14. Hi


    i need your help to start a new thread so as to sell away my bike. Thank you




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