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  1. fx110 if free also hello2 me la. we all like depending on you =)
  2. skrg byk budak2 bwk kup pakai tayar tu eh? used to use that tyre on my kr last time, it's damn slippery =\
  3. i just made a slight mod to my bike. change my carb to a rxz one and i open the top of the airbox. my full tank petrol now can last up to 120-125km instead of about 150-160km while using standard carb & airbox totally shut. is this normal? =\
  4. your black coverset condition how? i have stock red one.

  5. I don't know if this has been discussed before, cause i never come across this kind of thread before. So i hope I'm the first. Among all the pump stations in JB namely(pls note that we're talking about petrol above grade 95 here): Caltex Shell BHP Esso Petronas Which is the most fuel-economical petrol you know? In other words, which petrol u can travel a slightly greater distance among the 5 listed above? Assuming that you're not those kind who always like to keep "whacking" your bike(RPM above 8-9 onwards). I've heard of some people saying Petronas 97 is the best fuel economica
  6. http://www.straitstimes.com/BreakingNews/Singapore/Story/STIStory_625106.html
  7. http://www.straitstimes.com/BreakingNews/Singapore/Story/STIStory_625106.html
  8. WTS > NSR SP 150 FR plate. <FOR SALE>

    COE ending in OCT 2014

    Road tax till Apr 2011


    Selling at $1400 (Firm)


    Full service in Aug 2010

    Racing Foot Rest

    Braided brake hose

    Got 2 headlight. Both got angel eye. One is clear one is tinted.

    Chain also just changed. Using the gold one.

    UI is the new slim one. More than 4 yrs warranty left.

    Chrome kick start. (Its actually from phantom)

    Blind spot mirrors included.

    More than 20km/litre

    Used mutol 710 for 2T.

    Feed V-power only.


    Engine is 9.0/10

    Looks is 9.0/10


    Reason for sale: Going Overseas now.


    Contact me at: 93866322 or PM me.



    FAQ from SMS I get

    No ticking when power on. Changed rectifier and power value. I think that is what thats called.

    Brake pad is gold padded one.

    Its not brembo brakes. Sticker only.

    Using air filter instead of air box.

    The extra head light goes with it at the same price.



  9. i dunt haf d side ferrings .....msg me 93289892

  10. hi bro i saw ur post for the bike which can be coi with $500 top up. Anyway what bike u selling ah? and when is the coe ending?

  11. Gimme a call at 979 88884 w regards to e oakleys, tks

  12. hi mind telling me the two instructors' names?

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