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  1. I'm not talking about the soldiers who ride motorbikes, like the scouts. I mean the soldiers that have to carry their rifles and run around the jungles and charge up hills and all that bullshit. Don't they deserve some PSB-approved safety? Is any SAF equipment PSB-approved?
  2. I think SAF helmets should be approved by PSB. Why make our soldier boys wear unapproved helmets? If our motorcyclists cannot wear non-PSB approved helmets, our soldiers shouldn't have to either! Won't somebody think of the children!!?!
  3. Oh yeah Muzzy not legal at all, very loud race pipe.

  4. Bro check the zx10r thread, i'll put up a list of my parts there. Steering damper sold long ago sorry.

  5. Bor, can u give me your price list of the items u listed for sale?


    U have steering damper for sale too?


    PC3 will improve performance or smoothen things out further?


    E Muzzy f/s legal? Sound characteristics? Enhances original sound? Bassy?


    Pls advise : )

  6. Actually i'm more of a kawasaki fan, although yamahas are pretty nice too.
  7. It's somewhere near opposite the casurina prata places, behind the mobil station.
  8. Gixxers have always been off my shopping list because of the front-end design. This new design has a certain elegance to it, especially on the white models. I like.
  9. Up north. I vote Wendy's Spize Hut if want to makan.
  10. Who's that riding the black 10R with white number boards?
  11. Ah i'll have to jump on the looking-for-a-monster400 bandwagon. Looking to purchase around late april-may. Anyone got any leads?
  12. Ahh i have to research the pricing of the monster first and see how much my friend wants for her monster, but if everything works out alright i'm gonna keep the mito as well. FS Monster 4.5k? From an owner or a bike shop? The would mean FP platers would be going for 4k or less? Can anyone else shed some light on the issue?
  13. Guys roughly what's the market price range for an FP M400? What problems should i look out for in the FP platers? My friend might want to sell hers to me if she finds a suitable replacement bike, the main thing is she only rides it like once every two months, what problems might this minimal use cause?
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