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  1. I believe it is more of a "feel" kind of thing. The fact that good working brakes are sooo important on a bike, you should change them once you "feel" that it no longer gives you the feedback that you desire. Like any other moving parts on a bike, wear and tear issues happen in relation to frequency of its use. Other signs you can look for includes 'squeaking' noise while braking, more pressure needed to apply brakes via the brake lever (like pulling in the clutch lever) and metal friction marks on your disc brake. Changing the brake line is unnecessary. Not if your original stock start
  2. I used to have this problem because my previous ride was a 125zR. I don't think we should doubt the engineers' knowledge behind designing this enigine or any engine for that matter. Be it a bike with full 4 gears or this with 5, over loading the engine will not be an issue.
  3. Tried checking for your chain slack? That could be one contributing factor. Specifically because you mentioned "jerking" and "going uphill". Let us know what was the issue if you have solved it.
  4. Have you got this issue rectified? Last time something like this happen to me, it was the total opposite. Engine start revving up once handle bar turned either way. Pointing in neutral (straight) idle came back down to normal. There was a problem with the bolt that holds the throttle cable to the carb. It gets "loose" over time hence, the throttle cable gets pulled. Problem stop once changed to a new cable set.
  5. Bought your bike yet? Sent from my SM-N910G using Tapatalk
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