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  1. Bro , i am interested too...This thing is SGD 52 for one side or two sides? If doing MO, please keep me in loop via Facebook or sms. Dun come in forum much these days
  2. Bro, do you have a pic of your coocase rack on the bike? I am still deciding between Givi, Coocase and Kappa.

  3. farish

    Harley Riders gather

    how much does the vrod night special cost?
  4. how much does a monster 696 cost otr?
  5. Dear All In collaboration with bro gerald, would appreciate if you guys could help us out this simple survey: http://www.esurveyspro.com/Survey.as...5-89221007b904 PLEASE note that survey is not Internet explorer compatible ( still doable but will see errors). Best used with Mozilla Firefox. Appreciate your time Cheers
  6. Hi peeps. Was at simpang just now at 12 plus to 2..i forgot that u guys meeting up there.. only discovered when i saw sarasta and Abang Doink at shell. Sorry didnt say hi. Bukan nak sombong..waqs shaged out from my night safari trip after work...hahahah
  7. ok..bila kene deposit let me know.. tu bmw grips amacam? How are they different/ superior to stock ones?
  8. tak tau balancer boleh muat tak...mana boleh check? turun kedai mana?
  9. great! need 2 go hkl and justwheels any way..thanks
  10. sorry take faham ah macam mana nak taruk nama pat fazer melayu club..aku picit quote turus blur ! 69. Farish -Fazer 6S/ gen2? 3?/ silver.... sticker contact siapa? Guru?
  11. erm.. sape dat time tanye aku pasal bar end ar? sila letak name, genap lima(bar end) aku kol tanye.. Motovation Balancers N BMW Grips 1. DaBonz / FZ1S Gen2 / both 2. Egaabwahahahaha / FZS1 Gen olskool / balancer pls 3. Fazer2212/ FZ6 Gen Tuek / grips 4. Farish/ FZ6S Gen? 2008 model/ balancer ( pending harga) 5.
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