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  1. RVF ROSSI... Thanks for that post about Bike Rescue's 24hr Motorbike Towing Service. I just had the most eventful two hours! Around 3.20am, my hubby's bike decided to die on PIE just before the Upper Thomson exit. Being the dutiful and ever efficient wife, I was given the task to get a towing service. And that's the start of my adventure... :-) I went online and searched the Net. And of course, I got into this forum page and voila!... I see all these numbers and ad banners too. And I started calling... but, surprise surprise, no one seems to answer their phone. 24hr service? NOT! Even the TOWBROZ with their 3 numbers didn't help. One of them did answer but he told me, I've got to wait till morning coz all his guys have gone home! D'oh! My precious RXZ that's also my "second son" cannot wait till morning! Shame on you, BROZ! So yes, Bike Rescue did rescue my "son"! At 4.41am I received our bike at our gate! Thanks, Mike and pretty girlfriend! :-) Cheers!
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