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  1. who are u? why do u say i owe u money?

  2. Dear Brother, Look around @ lim chu kang jetty last week saw no one fishing but saw ppl catching big head anyone interested ??
  3. Hi To All, Plan to Meet Up with All the Long Time No See Brothers Tonight. Please Join If Available.. Location: A.M.K Ave.6 Open Carpark in Mc Donald Timing: 10.30pm to 11.30pm ( Please don't come later then 11.30pm ) Hope to see all riders Thxs.........
  4. His Bike is about 3years old FBB plate with nice number too.... :)

  5. Hey there bro...This coming sunday, if you are free, wanna join in a Deepavali Charity Ride...If you are interested, please sms me (please do let me know it's you) at 9384 8120 and I'll fill you in with the details...Hope to hear from you real soon ya...Cheers...

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