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  1. wooo bro....didnt realised you msg me on my profile....what was that about? I cant remember...hah

  2. woit spolier maseh ade lagi tk?

  3. hey bro... your 125z spoiler can put x1 ? if can put x1

    sms me at 96618658 i buy

  4. selllin at $1100, more than 30 percent discount. You can call him urself.

  5. Owner says 30 percent discount on this new set.

  6. Bro.. My fren missing in action for 4 days liao. Must be heart broken. Play hide and seek.. lol. Once have his news, i let you know the price. I also don know how much he selling. sorry.

  7. Bro.. Can call him and ask pls. My job is to keep the etc posting. btw copy and paste at goggles still can surf. Thx forvposting.

  8. Hi Hi....Thanks for the request....

  9. hi bro cap sold out. i will be ordering some more. price is S$55 including shipping. so are you in???

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