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  1. still selling your LV? how much you selling for if you are?

  2. bro your sgl seater look like how?

  3. dude, take a look at my dp, thats my wave in the picture overlooking the superhuge pink coloured gantry to mallaca. You wont miss it..
  4. why in the world would people want to ride without helmet? i felt sorry for you. lucky u didnt get into an accident. just imagine *a watermellon smash onto the floor* moreover u think u staying in kampong is it?...................
  5. haha. u really do change EO once a week? wahh. i also want to work despatch ler. hhuhuu.. anw i think your clutch spring has worn out.
  6. i know of a shop still carrying parts of this legendary bike.. i saw tzr, tzm, rd 125 tank in the shop too.. this is the link.. http://kintai.com.sg/products.html
  7. top overhaul or full engine overhaul? full overhaul (the basic stuff) might range from 250 to at most 400 (depending on the internal engine damage eg. piston set, piston pin) and maybe cheap and unreliable stuff. on the other hand if you want genuine yet quality reassured perhaps need to change many other parts. might cost you another 200 - 300 more. anw its a day job, depends greatly on how busy the shop is.
  8. light white smoke due to valve seal leaking on top block head. heavy white smoke due to the probability of EO have travelled up the combustion chamber, thus disrupting the combustion setting.
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