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  1. Hi boss..found yr intent bike? I have one..rebuilt internal/external honda c90;) comes with a nice number too..OBO px..Coe till end feb 2026..tks tks

  2. Hi bro..paisei..i think we have dealt before yrs ago at defu ..u were selling

    The handguard while riding super four..me was riding drz...anyway...sold my kymco kxct 200 ..now riding honda c90.. Thinking of going back to auto bike..whats the px u looking at?no obligations bah..oh..yr bike izit 2288?tks bro..

  3. Hahahaha..dats why bro.. Apparently its just bad luck lor;( can u believe it!? Hahaha..also got my fav mech ah-chong to double confirm ..bro..just sharing..i think republic px quite steady..u can try them..unless u want gl**** ;( latter is cheapest but u know abt them la..

  4. Hi bro..saw yr post..looking for honda wave i..i have one bro..bought 07-07-2014..full cash ..1st owner..less than 4k mileage..cause i drive and have another bike..tot of letting it go..shops selling between 9.2 to 9.8 OTR..Mine is white in colour with top box..looking to sell it off ..now bike is at boon siew..just to change my fuel pump dats all..mileage is gd bro..easily 60 km/l lei..i have gotten 65 km before..anything just contact me k bro..tks...

  5. Hi bro..saw yr ad on yr honda wave...me looking for a side bike;)..no frill maintenance if possible..This bike uses 2T?By e way wats the plate number bah? Paisei bro..coolant? Hope no obligations asking questions bah..can send recent wats app pic? Tks..

  6. Bro..i have exactly e same set..letting at 100$..neg..installed last mid october..dekit from my bike 18-08..looking for hassle free..deal east side..alarm no problem at all..dekitting my bike dats why sellinh..hope to hear from u ya..if u bring it to yr fav workshop dey will usually do the installation FOC lei..

  7. 8400 3867... Enjoy!

  8. Bro..used? Condition? Scratches? Does it comes with soft case and all? Tks

  9. Hey is that really you in the pic?hmm...cool..anyway..hope to hear from you soon ya..

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