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  1. Hi bro do u have any contact interested in your HBC100

  2. up for you sale bro...very nice guy to deal with!!! highly recommend to upgrade ur horns with all the accidents happening lately!
  3. welcome to the darkside with the arrow! pd full huh ?
  4. Bro..used? Condition? Scratches? Does it comes with soft case and all? Tks

  5. Hi, Bro.. interested in your transalp... but can only view during this weekend. Is it alright with you?

  6. bro i heard hyperchargers abit problematic on rainy days..correct me if i am wrong..maybe u can consider the ones without the butterfly...
  7. any sporty with springer front end here ? considerin to get one..not so soon thou
  8. hi guys anyone know any good sites beside ebay..debrix or arlen where i get a nice derby covers for a 95 sportster ?
  9. finally got my battery from dealer..damn 292 bucks..lol will be fixing it tomm if can find some time !
  10. any one going for the bbq at m vtwin this thursday ?
  11. bro the battery model varies dependin on the year of your sporty..i check with agent..btw .mine is a 96 1200 evo
  12. mine also hahaha i neva bother yet ..any luck ?
  13. ya correct bro i also heard hd battery is still the best...thou its pricey but if it last long y not..
  14. maybe its not the same problem as mine..but better to get it checked..i guess should be about 200-300+- i am just guessing...i get to sunburst ..its very near my place so easier..
  15. i think it happen to me before check your brake caliper is the disc rubbing against the caliper ? if its the bearings... better change it before it get jammed and you have to cut the axle out... mine was saved in time. there was a dude his rear wheel got locked and his fishtailed..then ended up cuttin his axle must be a huge hole in his pocket !
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