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  1. Not yet bro. Daily travel to and fro work only 20km. Quite difficult to go one round.

  2. bro message me 91691034..im interested.can deal anytime

  3. hi bro ur mileage alreadi 1 cycle???

  4. Wat actually is a revtec? Wat improvement Does it make? Cos I've got one on my bike but I don't know for wat use.
  5. hi. anyone knows how much is the oem front brake rotor for vtec models? where to get? mine i think warped already making all the squeeking sound. changed brake pads twice already.
  6. U cannot turn off the hiss? Hiss confirm cannot off bro. If u cannot on ur bike, In my case, after inserting the key, I just shift the handlebar a bit until the key hit The g spot. Then bike good to start.
  7. bro..mane email?

  8. Hi bro,im selling away my honda phantom ta200 year 2002 and coe ending year 2012 at $1000 neg.Pls text me at [email protected] or hp.83022222.Thanks

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