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  1. Hi Jin, thanks for the info.. i would guess with the new measure it should be around 30ish otr. Anyway i called HL.. they say stocks are coming in Apr. Also, Kymco AK 550 is mid March price around 30ish otr... should be interesting for those that are looking at Maxi scooters..
  2. Hi Kymco owners, I am currently looking at the yet to launch AK550. I just want to ask you opinion about the build quality for kymco bikes. How does the body work hold up? I saw some older scooters, and I must say, they don't really age well. (Body work looks really faded and such) TIA!!
  3. Hi All, Can anyone give me the omv of the Tmax? I am currently planning to purchase the 2017 model. Just want to see how much will the price increase due to the ARF ruling. Just a ballpark will be good enough. TIA!! hope to see you guys on the road soon.
  4. Hi ... Just visited him.. 93878919
  5. HOT OR NOT? http://www.dkcustomproducts.com/TRIPLE-TRAP-CUSTOM-FOOT-PEGS-Black-Silver-More-Details-DK-BTT-CFP.htm Been eyeing these pair of BMX pedals for the sportsters... looks really cool! Anyone else (sportster riders) find that u will tend to slip on the stock pegs? I guess this pedals will only look nice on sportsters not on big twins though.. Edit : Sorry... the item have been expired... i link another pic from the manufacturer... if anyone is interest get it from ebay.. its cheaper than the quoted price on the main webby...
  6. Thanks for sharing! will surely check them out!
  7. Hi adriel... i hope they wont stop international shipping.. had a good experience with them so far.... I dont think they will use it as a 'sales tatics' though... through the email conference ... they seems to be a profession outfit.. hope u found what u wanted at a cheaper price!
  8. @boarlet oh god! lol.. told you i am not an expert le! but if it does fit... i am use u will be needing ear plugs for the rinehart... lol good sounding exhaust for sure... remember to shoot some pic when they arrive ya...
  9. Supp... i believe the slips on that i purchase is the slashed ones.... anyway.. https://shop.zanottimotor.com/ .. if u are looking for harley OE parts... this shop gives very good pricing... delivery by UPS (top notch)... u just have to go the the harley webby find the product code , copy and paste it on the find product in zanott 's website.. and they will display the price... from the ebay .. it does seems to be a fit for yours .... but i am no expert.. cheers
  10. Supp ... so its been coming 1 month for my 48 experience .... tot i write a little review for those looking for some local view to the 48.. Being my 1st harley..and after riding it for weeks now, i realize why there is such a following... pretty much sum with one word... torque and lots of it. Of cos of u have a a kinda similar feel riding a hayabusa. But combine the v-twin engine growl , low riding position and a forward controls... it takes riding to another level. The bike is happy to cruise along 100km/h ish all day long.. need to overtake that road hog? just twist the throttle and
  11. For those looking for harleys... just got an email from the sales person daniel from harley.... Hi Everyone, Happy New Year!!! Here are the prices for the Demo and Rental bikes for sale…. Please contact me for more information. Contact details below. 1) FLHX FBE167C 26/10/09 S$34,880/- 2) XR1200 FBE2665T 19/01/10 S$20,500/- 3) FLSTC FBE2950U 08/10 S$33,000 /- 4) FLHRC FBE4506G 21/04/10 S$36,800/- 5) FLHR FBE4449M 24/04/10 S$36,500/- Do let me know if you have any questions. Prices do not include Insurance and Transfer fee. I could have missed somebody out. Please Fwd to an
  12. Supp all.. the day have arrived!! Collected my 48 from Harley yday... its totally an awesome ride!! Anyway... went down to Twins Performance today. I needed their help to bolt on some parts for me.. Eric did an fantastic job. Even washes the bike after the job.. spend the time chatting with them.. really friendly dudes.. good experience will surely return for fixes and such.. Kudos guys..
  13. LOL... yea... i would imgine ..airport peeps will be going crazy looking that all the tubing and metal parts... thanks for the tip... i guess have to pay some money to see which mech that i can click better... the usual thing that one have to go thur..
  14. Yea... agree... but been new to the Harley scene ... not too sure who to go with... lol.. agree too that usually stage 1 set up should be the done together ( exhaust, intake and remap) but long story short ... i wanted a little more sound than the stock exhaust. So actually decide on a 49 state pipe.. but i wanted it black. So happens that a mate is coming back from the states , and are willing to hand carry the shite for me.. lol.. thus decided to get the whole set in black. (SE headers/Buckshot heat Shield/Se Slip ons) Hopefully it wouldnt back fire too badly ... if it does.. i
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