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  1. Golden-Blazed Green Z1000 2015. Twin Akrapovic exhausts. Decals. Many accessories. BMC air filter Front and back camera installed. Koso Voltmeter Etc. Single seater not inclusive. Problem free bike. Done up. Regularly maintained. Nothing to hide. Ride and go. Used for transportation to and from work only. No accidents before. No track. Mileage 52k. Engine clean no issues. Selling as intend to downgrade. Letting go at $22k. Still under hire purchase. Full cash so can change ownership. Viewing at Punggol. Contact 927l736O for discussion.
  2. Its loud but goes beep not honk..

  3. back from Ubin....... weekend burned with camp..
  4. Completed mine once each at CDC within 2 weeks (took my time though didnt rush). Waiting for TP 2 mths.
  5. Thats sad.. So super4 and drzs are the hot stuff in JB now?
  6. im chindian too but 2nd language is Malay..
  7. its bb 8320.. Anyway i ordered alr.. nvm thanks.
  8. Anyone know where i can find cheap blackberry batteries in sg?
  9. Craving for bee hoon goreng at amk. See u guys this Wed.
  10. How much to wrap caberg konda flip up?
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