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  1. your half cap still avail ?

  2. saw a black cb175 ?? at guillemarde rd.. loving it !
  3. does anyone know of any workshop that does glitter paint work ? those metalflake glitter paintwork like this ? if yes, would u please pm me the location and price range ? Thanks ! http://2.bp.blogspot.com/_4-yBZr5goc4/TP9pAg6uw9I/AAAAAAAAAdc/8lXZ92N6Dik/s1600/1_glitter_helmets.jpg
  4. Yea I do know they don't come cheap arnd 1**** to even 2***** depending on the model... I don't think I travel much.. Just to and fro camp. After that it's just scooting to feel the wind!
  5. hi guys, any clue where i might get a local registered lambretta for sale ? may i also ask that if lambretta is a suitable vintage bike for my normal work scooting ? no more than 30kmper day. hope to hear from u guys soon !
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