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  1. anyone wanna sell their fjr?? my friend wanna buy
  2. bro update k on the abnormal knocking sound
  3. nice meeting u at GP//.... get to hear my roaring pipe....hehe
  4. oic i thought which one u guys refering too.. oh that foot rest k.. the normal one tell u is simply very flimsy and sucks( i think only 06 modal have it..so when i pillion some one not familiar with my bike (other then my gf..hehhe sshhhhh dont tell my gf) will leave their shoe sole at my pipe had a hard time scrubbing it so i had it custom made.by uncle lim which also ride fjr...
  5. todAy anybody wanna join me for petrol run at 2nd link pls come at 10.15 pm at last top up cash card nearest to the 2nd link.. 91130344 buzz me din
  6. rumbing sound it is.. veery deep bassy sound.. that with the bafful on .. at first when i just install it i found abt dissapointed due to the sound not really loud.. so i went inspection and all then go home....... project X start...heheh take out the silencer.and wala......sound so loud... i dont know if the sound is the same or remus is louder... never get to compare now itchy already never put silencer:angel:
  7. bro what u mean what this??/ leo vince bro by the way i dont think i will buying the PC... wants have PC al the mapping need to be done properly.. if not yr bike will go hairwire... if at mah have it i think i might do it if meng tong is the one mapping it.. i dont know abt other mechanic skills anyone can advise on a good mechanic that can do this?/
  8. well bro the secret carpark on the week end u can see one fjr inside so dont shy and come to talk the owner
  9. guys do anyone know how to adjust the freeplay on the trottle??
  10. bro zamani.. i bought the pipe for 1200...the pipe witout silencer is great man.....loud pipe save lives....hhehehe
  11. or maye do mass watch movie JMPER is coming out.... cineleasure??/ then can park at my secret carpark.... how?? i think have at around 12.30am then 10.30... the carpark exclusive for fjr rider only...
  12. bro fuzz its true ppl like that always here to make trouble never see b4 just come only post and make trouble... how abt if this sat meet up anyone interested??
  13. see nice why so quite guys..
  14. hi guys this is my leo vince pipe and my pelican box...
  15. ya bro col man why must shoot there and here.. by the way i think its true that there lots of fjr with aftermarket pipe but i believe lots of them are on remus.... and i believe there will be only 2 fjr on leo vince currently.. correct me if im wrong. by the way fuzz i think u and me stay quite close right.. think we can some day have meet up at yishun damn with bro casper.. eat ice-cream.. hehe think its bro casper to treat me.. stil waiting man bro...how anybody interested?/ if can then will do meet up there
  16. bro why like that?? why so sad had to wrk on CNY at the last min?/ its k next time ya...
  17. my bike is getting its leovince pipe this 21st..hahahha
  18. guys why issit so quiet?? when hatyai on CNY nice get to play fire cracker..heheeh worth the go lots of performence
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