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  1. A quick peep...X Country Round 4 16.10.2011 Custom Medal....Total of 15 will be given away...stay tune for more sponsor coming http://i2.photobucket.com/albums/y7/busakiller/2011-10-03173044.jpg
  2. Guys and Girls, No doubt 16.10.2011 (X-Country Round 4) is back for more action,new route,with new obstacles log....Before we go for our final Round 5 hardcore one on raining day in OTH... run on an existing red route cross country loop. The event is run like a stage rally event where each rider has to complete a set amount of stages, most of the timed stages will be downhill but some will have uphill sections.And for those new rider need some confitdent pls do join us for d trail ride as we can exchange pointer to build up your confitdent.....More detail will be posted up cheers :mrgreen:
  3. is a 2stroker bro..is 300cc bike condition is 9/10 milage is only 1300 for one year come along with six day hard part..cheerss

  4. It was a great weekend race crowd is getting more and more..Everyone put in effort and time for attending this event for those which never get top 5 perhap you need fitness and get prepare your bike in good condition...everyone seem just relax and enjoy d whole race and for those lucky winner of d lucky draw...and congrat to all winner in novice,intermediate,expert class....everyone did well...I am sorry that funtime cant attend this event as he is struck with his new job but for sure maybe he will be flying back with us racing again in future who knows... Once again thanks to all volunteer p
  5. Reg is open on 8.30am to 9.30am Entry fee for MSSC member is S$50,Invitational Rider RM100 Copied from last race, This terrain is much more newbie friendly for those who want to try for the first time. This time intermediate will not climb d 1st hill up they will skip that and no worry for intermediate. The pits will be on the road verge just along from the hanger and at this stage no tents will be provided. Sign in at the track will open at 08:30 and finish at 09:30 and there will be no more entries after that time.If you're late bad luck so make sure your alarmsis set and you
  6. http://i2.photobucket.com/albums/y7/busakiller/logo_ete.gif Wow,Good news guys IPONE is coming down sponsoring this X Country Round 3....There are couple winner can win away with his good off road product Supercross, Motocross, Endurance, Trial, etc. The off-road disciplines put motorbikes under a lot of stress, with engines attacked by water, mud and constant mechanical stresses to achieve full power. Ipone lubricants designed for off-road use continue to perform even in the most extreme conditions. They improve acceleration, give your motorbike an appreciable power gain, and prolong yo
  7. For your infor guys ...Dont worry abt driving to one trees hill any car also can go there and maybe there are temp toilet as well dont worry abt d girls...And if you are going on sat dunnoe abt d route well,just follow d sign board (Red) is for expert and intermediate is (blue)[ (yellow) is for novice route where you will skip a couple of trail route dont worry guys is really cater for novice, (Red) is warning be caution ride slow and watch out Do take note dont not try to cross over d red & white tapes as is danger zone we have already do marking there for everyone.... There are 2 che
  8. Hi,guys ,your last weekend of practice for coming X enduro round 3 (17.07.11) everyone are welcome,if you are not sure how to go or race route do join us this sunday 8am 2nd link RNR,And do watch for us marking d track this sunday pls ride caution and watch out for those blind spot....Ride safe
  9. http://i2.photobucket.com/albums/y7/busakiller/funtime-1.jpg This Round Novices is getting easy so as d intermediate only expert is getting more tough....Is A Fun Time Race relax and have fun....More detail will be posted up cheers Thanks Cherie for d poster.... Juzzwheelzz is kindly sponsoring 5 customized backbag for the upcoming X-country round 2 on 22.05.11 No whistles. No bells. No frippery or luxuries. Just a fashion ahead, comfy to wear, simple as it gets daypack cum school bag cum water bag or tool bag whatever you need it to be ...A comfortable and stylish backpack http://i2.
  10. bro, how's your bike condition? btw, is it registered under 450 0r 400 cc? do give me a call at 90276267. thnx bro. really appreciate your time. thomas here.

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