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  1. Hey bro, found you in the forums under the scooter section and would like to invite you to join our facebook page @ http://www.facebook.com/scooternnarcotics


    We specialize in importing aftermarket accessories and performance parts at affordable rates liaising with scooter shops. Should you be riding any maxi-scooters, this will definitely serve as a useful page for you!

  2. Agak2 dalam brape tu?

  3. maintenance stakat tukar engine oil tu pon tgk wat type kau pakai...and spark plug aku tukar tiap 3 bulan...then kau tgk lah kau punye front fork oil kau tukar lagi baik dari stock punye....budak2 recommend baik kau pakai semua liqui-moly...engine oil ape2 oil kau pakailah...

  4. Maintainance kena brape tiap2 bulan?

  5. kau sape?? new new cbf rider?...

  6. Kau pun bawak CBF 150?

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