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  1. Dear Liquidy, I know i am too late...but i was not able to get access to this page as it was down. I was hoping that i can still order a blank key if that is possible. Please do contact me at 83333362 if you are able to acede to my request. Thank you...Xavier

  2. @dioneldesuzer he seems like a bot. Lol. Only 1 post count. Or maybe he just want to feature aprilias.
  3. Oh you mean the handyman shop? Wanted to check it out. How much are they?
  4. Cheers for that. hehehe. On a side note, I am looking for torque wrenches, locally. Recommendations, anyone?
  5. Hi bro:)

    Just wanna check with u. R u selling ur used 34mm carb? If yes, how much is it?

  6. What's the model of spark plug u were using again? And where did u buy from? *I kinda forgot, pardon me.*
  7. I just got mine from them 1 mth back. and I still see some of them on display at their shop. They have a few shops at Desker Road, go to the one that sell accessories. If there dont have, you can try going to the one that sells engine oils, look at their display cabinets and u should see 1 Xena Disc Lock on display.
  8. looking for silkolene comp 2 plus. if anyone knows where have stock let me know. thanxx
  9. i believe you meant 34mm. its only a difference of 3-5litres. however, better mileage can be achieved through tuning.
  10. its not legal. as long as it is not purchased locally, it is not legal. save $300 or pay $700.
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