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  1. We are undergoing some major transformation for the better! Stay tuned!
  2. Hi rockies, Would you like to clarify with me in private message on the part where they have provided you with 3 options: 1. Full refund 2. Alternate supplier with zero markup 3. Continue waiting What do you mean by "Until now 5 month later they never refund my deposit and never contact me at all.out of deal and out of time limit. I lost SGD 9K,my 3 time trip cost,time and my business reputation."? The screenshots provided by the shop to us, shows that there was (1) discussion, (2) options for remedy. Which is an entirely different picture that you are painting here. Ple
  3. Hi, how do I go about to post on my bike? Looking for serious buyer taking over Yamaha T135, coe till 2022. $201 ( 36 months ) female rider just bought letting go due to personal reason, ride few times only. Appreciate if you can guide me here. Thanks.

  4. Hi Andy,

    Same question here for past week and been searching on forum...how to post my bike for sale? Thank you in advance. Update for all: A moderator/admin finally replied for personal details. Hope that helps others n make this forum better!

  5. Hi Andy,

    I'm doing Spray Chrome would like to advertise my service to bikers here. Pls advise.

  6. Hi folks,


    Looking to get a 2b cruiser. First hand. The only one in the local market that I see is the daelim daystar and bajaj avenger.


    Has anyone had any experience with these two bikes to share? Going down to the shops tomorrow to take a look.


    Thanks in advance. Cheers.

  7. Hi Andy,


    I would like to sell my bike in the used bike sale section. Can I have permission to start a thread?


    Thank you.

  8. Keyeo

    Hi Andy,


    Private messaged you for starting a thread in sales announcement. Hope to hear from you soon.




  9. AJ..

    Hey man...I am not sure if i am going to the right person..but since you're a mod....I would just like to address my concern.


    this chap teambhp,have really got nothing concrete in his posting on other's sales....

    I am not the type who really bothers about what ppl is posting...but it seems this guy is talking like a champ...i just search his profile n his posting..


    really....it just turns me off and i bet to some others too...


    Let me know what you think.




  10. hi andy, i have hit 50 posts and would like to make a sale tread for my used bike. thank you and hope to hear from u

  11. Hi Andy, I have hit 50 posts and would like to start new thread. Please assist. Email address given is invalid to send request,

  12. Hi andy I would like to post threads but am unable to do so. Please assist. Thank You !

  13. Hi admin, im still unable to do posting,share and view pics.How do i go about with the problem?pls help.thanks

  14. Hi Andy,


    I'll like to start a new thread to buy some parts. Thank you.

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