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  1. We are undergoing some major transformation for the better! Stay tuned!
  2. Hi rockies, Would you like to clarify with me in private message on the part where they have provided you with 3 options: 1. Full refund 2. Alternate supplier with zero markup 3. Continue waiting What do you mean by "Until now 5 month later they never refund my deposit and never contact me at all.out of deal and out of time limit. I lost SGD 9K,my 3 time trip cost,time and my business reputation."? The screenshots provided by the shop to us, shows that there was (1) discussion, (2) options for remedy. Which is an entirely different picture that you are painting here. Ple
  3. For those who crave extreme adventure, Performance Motors presents the new BMW R 1200 GS. This enduro's classic GS styling has been brought up to date with a complete design and technological overhaul. Powered by a new fully redesigned air and liquid cooled, twin-cylinder boxer engine delivering 125 bhp at 7,750 rpm, this G8 has the power needed for any situation while ensuring thermal stability. With ABS fitted as standard and other optional features such as unique LED headlamps and variable “riding modes" available, this is truly an UNSTOPPABLE ENDURO. Experience your dream ride and enj
  4. Officially, it's the Official who is in charge of the Official Ipone Tentage which they are the Official Distributor of Ipone and hmmm... who har?
  5. We HEARD you. Next SBF Challenge... you better make sure you join i tell u... We have de-tuned and de-tuned the SBF challenge stages so many times down to simplified it due to comments that contestants do not want to make themselves embarassed if they cannot do the stages. So there's it! We shall make it SBF CHALLENGE X-TREME 2012! muahahahaha!
  6. next time give MOTORCYCLE miniature models... can give 1000, all happy.
  7. she's someone's wife. hubby is very nearby. Take a look at your next attached picture for hints. haha.
  8. Glad that you guys liked it. Well, F&B are prohibited due to the tenants there such as cheers and such, so suck thumb about that. For the tentage joining part, we decided to go with Gazebo tents to give the event a more grand feel. Too much pasar malam not good for image. For ultimate complain... didnt win a bike. Maybe next time i should try harder to get 3 bikes for the top 3 prizes ye? That should draw lots more crowd. hehe.
  9. hmmm... i feel your pain... having to tarik your pee-ing half-way... :LOL congrats! Have fun with the new bike, im sure it be a fun scoot!
  10. In random order & no order of timing, Congrats to, Alan Chong; Leong Fann Hao; Vemon Lu; Derrick Tay; Malcolm Chan; Tang Yolk Min; Ng Hang Yeong; Stanley Phua; Tommy Quek; Iskandar; Md Saiful; Mark Ang; Wong Bing Yao; Mohammad Arif; Lim Jia Hui; Ang Kok Hua; Simon Lee; Rodney Foo; Niu Choon Seng; Edmund Chua; Andre; Fazli Bin Salim; Thomas aka ramsnake; Desmond Ang; Mohammad Hakim; Chow Chong Ying; Mohd Fazuli; Allex Ang Wee; Eugene Low Yong Yee; Ng Eng Siong; Allan Tan Jin Fa; Gerald Tan; Jamerson; for completing Stage 1 of the SBF Chalenge 2011 &
  11. in terms of looks, the thicker exhaust and wider tank makes it look more robust and tough. Probably thinking its a 600cc when put side by side with vtec. the ohlins rear susp shd put XJR an edge over vtec's showa setup. For the rest of the performance, no idea coz havent rode any b4.
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