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  1. hi bro do u know where can i get chain guard or near hugger for k4600? thanks

  2. SOrry bro no pics for 400c..I was busy eating my sambal bun and smoking away.....
  3. Hey Wen, the CBR is in the second last pic that I've uploaded...RESPECT!!!
  4. Uploaded pics in friendster...pasted the link here:dot:
  5. hahahaha...some reason...friendster refused to upload ur pic...will try again rofl
  6. http://photos.friendster.com/photos/16/53/3093561/1_876178715l.jpg http://photos.friendster.com/photos/16/53/3093561/1_725447197l.jpg http://photos.friendster.com/photos/16/53/3093561/1_898135323l.jpg http://photos.friendster.com/photos/16/53/3093561/1_811258890l.jpg http://photos.friendster.com/photos/16/53/3093561/1_816030888l.jpg http://photos.friendster.com/photos/16/53/3093561/1_809382301l.jpg http://photos.friendster.com/photos/16/53/3093561/1_794977653l.jpg http://photos.friendster.com/photos/16/53/3093561/1_373378835l.jpg http://photos.friendster.com/photos/16/5
  7. Aku tadi balik ngan kau tuh aper....red GSXR600 K5.
  8. Broz next week trackday for 600s? Pergi tak ajak sehh....
  9. Wahhh today got a lot of super fast riders! The 5 lap race was kinda chaotic...
  10. I once saw this girl riding RVF after work quite sexy in her office skirt and white shirt and ladies shoes. it's kinda every guys fantasy.
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