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  1. i need to know how cheap is cheap. Anyone know whats the price of original stock exhaust pipe assembly?
  2. anyone know where can i replace/buy new wave R stock exhaust? How much it cost? Thanks.
  3. anyone replaced the usual rusty pipe section from header to the exhaust muffler(stock)? any workshop to recommend and how much??
  4. wah.. bike only 700 ah.. i guess i'll keep it in my store room.. thanks.
  5. wah.. bike only 700 ah.. i guess i'll keep it in my store room.. thanks.
  6. hello guys, can i know how much does 1 new battery for waveR cost? And how much can i fetch if i sell back my FZ plate WaveR to bike shop? Thank you!
  7. hello guys, wanna check how much can a FZ plate Wave-R fetch if sell back to bike shop? Thanks.
  8. Any ways to get another copy of my Final Theory Test result??
  9. personal opinion, shorten the OEM cable not the racing one, cos the core of the cable is different and is a better one than the OEM. BTW, how u connect the 2 core wire for the plug cable together? Did u twist the core together then tape up or just 2 core having contact together liao then tape up?
  10. anyone change your spark plug cable to be better one before? Saw a mech at a shop in yishun, installing for a wave, he cut off the original spark plug cable from the wave, and cut the end of the new racing spark plug cable, tie to 2 cutted end of the cable together and tape up using insulating tape... is this the way to install a spark plug cable??? BTW, the racing spark plug cable is yellow in colour, brand is MaxSpeed... i personally think this way defeat the purpose of installing a better performance spark plug cable cos the core in the cable is different from the original one used in wave... Any comments?
  11. anyone know which shop in SG still have honda original 6 legged black colour sport rim?? went alot of shop all say dun have..
  12. MERGED THREAD Topic : Front mudguard Description : Where to get it cut? ******************************************************************** http://www.myimghost.com/getimg/fender.jpg anyone know where can i get this done? Including a mesh covering it. BTW, how much is one original front mudguard cost?
  13. guys, install those rear susp with canister need to cut abit of the side fairing rite? I've seen alot of wave the cutting job not very gd.. the cutted fairing edge keep scratching the canister.. Any shop tat does a gd job for this one?
  14. MERGED THREAD Topic : Posh Hanging Hook Screw.. Description : Where to buy?? ******************************************************************** http://pachome2.pacific.net.sg/~acidhurt/hook.jpg Anyone know where to buy the screw for this hanging hook? I bough this from B-Plus but they dun sell the screw.. kao.. Been to LAB, auntie shop, the shop beside 219 Shop and few of bike shops near JB Custom ALL dun have! Sigh.. Its feel like buying a shoe without a shoe lace..
  15. MERGED THREAD Topic : Good disc or wheel lock Description : Which recommended & where to buy? ******************************************************************** Just wan to have a peace of mind when shopping at JB and parked at isolated places.. Any good wheel or disc lock for wave to recommend? Pls stated price and where to get. Thanks guys.
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