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  1. Orange Streetglide? That would be Mojo! He has nicer friends out there!
  2. Details below, not for low ballers but i am willing to negotiate if you are not asking for a ridiculous price. http://i359.photobucket.com/albums/oo38/6653R/FBlah.jpg http://i359.photobucket.com/albums/oo38/6653R/DSC_00216.jpg http://i359.photobucket.com/albums/oo38/6653R/DSC_00310.jpg http://i359.photobucket.com/albums/oo38/6653R/DSC_00134.jpg Call/SMS/Whatsapp me, Lars : 92487618
  3. Tony is at Defu Lane 10
  4. I had the same problem before, but I changed the speedometer sensor -its under the seat, im on sporster (bought ori frn HD $130 i think) it resolves my issue. I had the exact same symptoms.. which mechanic did you bring to?
  5. OK here's a confirmation, I just did my inspection 3 weeks ago, stock baffle-less, passed..no problem.
  6. hi twdude, can i also be your sporty buddy?
  7. my handle bar vibrates like crazy upon doing casual turnings most times on the left, any one knows why? it feels like a loose bearings and even if i secure firmlay the handlebar, still couldnt fight the vibration..any insights? on sportster 883
  8. how does the letter look like?
  9. Me park at Golden Shoe, work at Samsung Hub..eazy.
  10. I thot hes shifting to kaki bukit..
  11. Oh no, hope its gona get well soon bro!
  12. wow, gd for the westerners? hows the service and px to things?
  13. Steven, where is the harley workshop u mentioned at Toh Guan?
  14. Steven, where is the harley workshop u mentioned at Toh Guan?
  15. i got myself a sporster, thanks for the offer

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