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  1. Dunno how many 650 riders here. Anyone of you 650s interested in getting the fender extender? £25 each with shipping. Let me know asap. Thanks.
  2. Scarab

    Honda PCX 150

    You want I can sell you mine. $50.
  3. Scarab

    Honda PCX 150

    I'm staying at West side. Let me know if you wanna view. See bike low ball and make new friend.
  4. Scarab

    Honda PCX 150

    Selling my 2015 Jan PCX 150 LED model. $9500. 33000km++ stilling riding so will only get higher 1) top box and side boxes. 2) 2 nos after market windshields 3) Rear suspension changed as original one sucks big time 4) Spare belts, rollers, variator 5) AHM exhaust (not legal but looks like the original except for the stainless steel headers and internal) Can call or message me if you have queries. 92311875. Thank you.
  5. Scarab

    Honda PCX 150

    Check if the battery connectors are tightened.
  6. Scarab

    Honda PCX 150

    Btw offer supposed to end this month but just went this afternoon and the boss say will extend till Jan 2016 then the price will slowly increase liao. 😁
  7. Scarab

    Honda PCX 150

    For those looking to service and change belt can try future scootering at Bukit Batok. $108 for original belt rollers sliders, engine plus gear oil, transmission cleaning and labour. Sharing here coz I think it's worth it as spare parts shop selling the belt rollers and sliders set for $65 liao. Most importantly they clean out your transmission when they change out the belt which I know some bike shop omits.
  8. Nice. Very tempted. Always wanted to get this ever since it came out.
  9. Four years ago I was riding Goldwing. Two years later I was on the NC700 DCT model. Now I'm on a pcx150 - my last 150cc bike was more than 20 years ago(yamaha fly one). Basically it's to save some money. But surprisingly I'm loving every minute I spend on the pcx150. Perfect to me for SG roads. And good enough for me to ride to Cameron in May this year. Will go further next year to Thailand (it's manufactured there btw). I may take longer than by previous bike but I'll still get there.
  10. Scarab

    Honda PCX 150

    PCX parts are not expensive. So don't let the shop overcharge you for the labour and the parts.
  11. The fact that so little known about the XC155 is enough to put me off. Don't wanna get a bike where I won't be able to get parts and accessories easily & cheaply. Of coz if wanna be unique due to the rarity then can get this bike.
  12. Japanese domestic model will usually have higher consumption compared to euro model. 😁
  13. Scarab

    Honda PCX 150

    Got the pcx due the easily available parts and accessories. Quite cheap for the parts as well. Bell rollers sliders for $65. That's good enough for me. Consumption of 40km and above per litre. Underseat can take one helmet and raincoat. All this suits my requirements as this moment in time.
  14. You really nothing better to say huh? 🙈
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