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  1. All sorts of stuffs...can remember...only remember torch light...
  2. Wow...one post and all come and shoot...
  3. Okay la...so far ordered a few times and I got it within 2 weeks.
  4. huh...looking for me?

  5. Hello Scarab a u there

  6. Hope I don't have the opportunity to use that airbag... Of cos I hope it works when I really needs it.
  7. gong xi fai chai!

    how ve u been?? why so quiet uh?

  8. Vietnam cross over north is China liao ma...chey.....
  9. Can't stop other people train of thought... As for yogi... enough said..
  10. You don't come and KNN ok...buy such a big bike and ride around SG... TMD...DINK sure got advantages...
  11. Last time personal car park, now HDB car park... And now can surf from your small office liao
  12. FW2850? Thinks that's my former scooter it's blue and has a light blue seat...made in Hatyai
  13. Scarab

    Harley Riders gather

    http://www.harleysingapore.com/images/bikes/sportster_xl883r.jpg I want....but I'll need a bigger tank....
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