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  1. Hi, we only have the PUIG light smoke sport screen in stock, no touring available. Price is $160 cash & carry only.

  2. Hi...sport touring 4 z1000sx...any stock

  3. Hi do u have in stock exhaust for hayabusa gen 2..? If yes,hw much does it cost? Thks.

  4. Can you call us at 67471477 to explain what you need?

  5. Hie u got r6 tail ? is it possible to fix it on other bike model ?

  6. Hi, we have them instock. Can you PM us instead as we seldom use this to view our message. Or you can call us at +65 67471477



  7. Hi.

    Im searching for BRAKING front disc brake for Spark135.

    Do u any chance hv it?


    If hv, hw much will it b wit installation?



  8. Hi, Its 280 for the complete replacement lever. Cheers
  9. Hi, we can order them from Japan. But is better quality then the ones selling in Singapore. Price is about $650. Local sold type are replica of the one made from Japan. Cheers
  10. Yes, will do. We just got back from Sepang MSS race last weekend. Cheers
  11. Hi, are you using OEM handlebar or Fatbar conversion? Cheers
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