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  1. Hahaha dimac calling la dey!! My training kinda secluded seriously hahahah...
  2. Hey bros, any 2nd hand street legal full system fr r6/08 model? Pm me thanks guys.. I know about Powermoto's info about the FS.. Good deal. Then again, I prefer just a full system with cert & just go inspection. Tired of changing headers etc for inspection.
  3. Hey ayimario.. You should have gotten it at SBF Anni, Global Motor selling the aluminum LV endcan at about 450plus first hand.. Haha.. Anyway, it took me awhile to get a 2nd hand LV endcan in Garage, but never know your luck is better then mine... =]]
  4. Hahaha okay2 we'll see how it goes, but IF POSSIBLE, out of SG.. heh. HAHA wahh that nickname stick to me already eh..! Hahaha very sexcited. Hahah berik dont have, berak have.. HAHA.. =p
  5. Goodafternoon all.. On the 29th gathering, shall we head do JB by Tuas again? Erm Bukit Indah or somewhere else?? I've spoken to Izad, he's okay to lead us, but timing wise etc have to ask him for more info...
  6. Hey bross, oh selling for 100.. 2month old only with receipt to prove.. Haha..
  7. Good evening LVians... Wah kecoh ah nowadays keep raining.. So cold and steamy.. Hahaha.. Sidetrack, im selling off my mum's piyo piyo bicycle.. hahaha ANYONE INTERESTED? can ride to SBF event if you got no motorbike.. hee
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