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  1. hi bro im interested and can u make a viewing appointment with me,81576284 jack,prefer yishun

  2. hey, sorry i wanna ask u abt bike penalties coz i see u seem to really know your stuff. can i?


    my friend,17, who do not have a license took my bike for a ride. and got into an accident. my friend went to hospital, my bike got towed and helmet taken by police. i got a few questions to ask.


    1)if i were to say i lend my friend the bike, what is the penalty for each of us? revoke? fine?


    2)if i were to say he took my bike without acknowledgement, means its an additional theft charge for him,what is the penalty each of us? revoke? fine? jail?


    3)what will happen to my bike and helmet?


    i really appreciate if you could anw my queries.thanks

  3. user unfriendly. and it suck. good effort though.
  4. buy a fish tank pump $1.50! pump into a jerry can! or petrol-durable bottle. If you are in a hurry or stuck in some ulu place sort of thing, you can forget about cleaning this cleaning that remove here and that all that nonsense. Just pump out as much of that diesel/petrol mixture as possible from your tank and replace them with fresh petrol, and try to start your bike a few times, it would most probably start in a few minutes.
  5. store them in those little cough syrup bottles. i think every time you pump petrol, it would just require about or less then 200ml of 2T. If you need more get a slightly bigger bottle or have 2 of them? these bottles are pretty small and can easily fit under your seat or rolled up in a towel and placed at the speedo area. hope this helps
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