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  1. Hi I have a collectible CBR 954 2002 in original condition.

    Very well taken care of.

    Serviced by Boon Siew.

    Original Color White n Blue.




    Will u be willing to pay above market value?


    Looking at $8800.00 firm. Will even provide a 3 mth personal warranty on the bike. Reason being I am very confident with the bike mechanically. 100% no engine or any problem. Brakes and bearing all done too.


    Let me kn

  2. Blind spot is when you turn. Check back is when you move off. At traffic light, before you move off, you check back. Before turning, you check blind spot. So got to check twice.
  3. ???? What kind of "set back" are you thinking of? It's a bike, meant to be ridden leh.
  4. WHHHYYY leh? Anyway I like Japanese bikes, easy to get parts, easy to maintain (got one in-house mechanic at home) and nice to ride. I just feel that my time with Duke is too short. My limitation is with height. I'm only 5'2". Even my CB400 had to shave the seat down. Thought about the 796 but it's too tall...
  5. Yes, I am seriously considering trading in Duke for a Hornet! At least the Hornet comes with ABS... Or a GSX600. Because I can ahem get a free engine upgrade...
  6. I was being ultra cautious as I was still getting used to the new brakes. Was going at about 50km/h and it was to me a typical "brake to slow down" situation. There was a traffic jam so I was using the brake quite frequently. The front brake also had problems with differing pressure which changing the brake master cylinder didn't seem to solve (my partner thought it was in my mind, maybe it was, but the feel of the brake definitely varies - sometimes stiff sometimes softer). So assuming that my braking technique was okay, we're going to check the brake calipers and tyres. I'm quite ac
  7. Muscular sprain and no broken bones. So I'll be on painkillers for some time. I am very sure I didn't jam brake so will have to try to figure out if it's equipment failure or something. Meanwhile my partner is pressurising me to sell the bike and change to something else!
  8. Sucks to be me. Skidded again. Bike back at Raymond's.
  9. BTW anybody knows where Raymond sends his patch and paint job to?
  10. Okay after almost four weeks, my Duke (M696) finally returned after rehabilitation at Raymond of Bike Harbor!!! Rating: 12/10!!!!! 10/10 for doing a wonderful job with Duke, +1 for the perfect patch and paint job on the tank cover, +1 for cleaning up and sandpapering my frame sliders / engine guards. Normally you don't expect bike workshops to do such a thorough job. But when I went back to check on Duke, I really had trouble remembering which side of the bike was banged up. I know Raymond subs out paint jobs to other workshops, but he really makes sure the job is done properly.
  11. Err, there's only one HKL workshop. Bukit Merah Lane 3 I think. Opposite Juzz Wheelz. Anyway, go to the workshop convenient for you lah. I go to HKL because it's near my place.
  12. I go to HKL because their tyre turnover is higher. While they change you can go to the coffee shop nearby to eat ang ku kueh and read newspaper Tyre no need to go all the way to Minerva. Anyway for my M696 they charged me Class 2A tyre prices instead of the more expensive Class 2 tyre prices. They will also give u instant HKL membership card to ask you to use all their services at a discount (funny they didn't give me the card when I was riding CB400 )
  13. The actuating bolt in the M696 is glued shut with resin. At least mine was. Hence the adjustable clutch lever.
  14. M696 uses hydraulic clutch so you cannot adjust. You need to buy an adjustable clutch lever like CRG. BTW I think the schedule for M696 maintenance is 12K / 24K / 36K and so on. Do a search on its maintenance manual and get the full list.
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