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  1. CLOSING DATE WILL BE ON 20TH AUGUST 2011 Confirmed List : 1) Madman + Babycakes + 2 little kuehs 2) Ham + ah Ger 3) Kelvin 4) 5) 6) 7) 8) 9) 10) Food Cost : $15.00 PER PAX Pls transfer to POSB savings acct 193-25468-3 (once done pls kindly sms me at 9769---796-1 with details of ur nick, how much u transferred and also for how many pax thanks) if u confirmed yr attendence but yet to pay by 20th August 2011 2359hrs ur name will be auto taken out thanks for the understanding. Only those who have paid i'll remark at the side of your nick paid will let u know when i send
  2. i'll be joining cfm le. let me know when to make payment - just saw the post, will do payment asap. if possible on the next local meet up. as for coming on van or bike, tbd
  3. yeah, which is why i'm not really keen to let go... ya tot of it too... thanks for the advice!
  4. yeah, eat n eat! i still remember the KKFC and the CommonWealth MAC/Chicken Wing times ahhhh although dam no food, but good place to chill... but nowadays FNO is JB trip, not able to join liao :X will, from my understanding it's on 6th AUG '11. at chalet (east side i think) cost should be $15 bucks.
  5. it's sitting at my cp doing nothing atm. i driving van liao. hardly touch it. >. sian maybe let go, see how.
  6. lol reading the last few post reminded me of 2005 period :S lol
  7. cougar made me did quite abit of reading... interesting thread.
  8. kymco bikers! hi all i'm not riding downtown though, but grand dink 150. got it from MS 2 years ago.
  9. anyone knows about "renting" bike ? i'm thinking of "renting" out my kymco.
  10. ring me if need transport services i'll try make myself free
  11. sry > psps hope to see u guys soon! it's been awhile too.
  12. Happy Birthday!!

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