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  1. if anyone knows of anyone selling a Honda ST70 "Dax" or a Yamaha LB80 "Chappy", please do let me know. hopefully the engine runs, aesthetics and everything else do not matter at all. of course, with renewable COE. looking out for these 2 bikes for a friend and eventually undertaking the task of restoring the bike too. regards all
  2. " Why did you guys have to do this? " for all awareness, my bike was sabotaged, click the link to see the post. http://www.singaporebikes.com/forums/showthread.php?p=4409342#post4409342 kindly post on that link, as i do not wish to hijack this discussion thread. ride safe all, protect your vintage bikes.
  3. no idea about the black, but the yellow is Suzuki Streetmagic
  4. Vintage bike outing is back! Date: 09 Nov 07(firday night) Place: Kallang KFC Time: 2000hrs 1. Marco 2. Phang 3. Grimeca (if my bike is ready) 4. Brinsley (if i dun forget n if i can catch up:D) 5. 6. 7. 8. 9 10
  5. i'm riding a Honda Chaly, something like my signature picture great to see you too, feeling kinda oddball here amongst all the big retro bikers... how's yer Honda XLR2 coming along?
  6. hello all, new in here, bumped into Rick at some workshop and he told me about this group greetings!
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