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  1. Good day ALL.. Sinboon is good...
  2. Hi Amir.. No worry.. im a newbie too... would like to join u guys for some coffee session. Cheers!!
  3. Aldy Hotel is nice. parking at private area.. walking distance to Mahkota Parade OR Mimosa Hotel . parking infront of the Main Lobby. Cheers!
  4. when meet up for coffee???
  5. Hi salem77 Metz tyre. u can look for Mr Bobby.im just a nobody. so cannot be at the booth..=) i went there to walk walk with my frns. great event. !
  6. wahhh. damn old school........... 55555555
  7. battery faulty... check ur rectifier too. gd luck.
  8. Is more like the other way round bro.... HIM alway get the bite 1st... is nice.. garlic fry with HUM... next time we try the Garlic prawn... EVEN more NICE !!!
  9. You too long nv ride.. tats why...........u dono..
  10. Ride Safe !!

  11. pls updated all on the lace..
  12. what u like it to be? 1198, 1270, 13**....14**..
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