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  1. Walau Suddenly i excited about tonight meet up =p Fufu remember to wait for me =) will call you when i am leaving my house!
  2. Yes!! and can meet up =) this time no need to bring bicycle already for the meet up! =P
  3. That's why lo! its time to SUIT UP!
  4. i forgot to add, this happen when i was wearing jeans =P (i never wear shorts or slippers when riding) Guess have to get to use to it, only cause it LOVE it! so is the plan the same this Friday?
  5. Just to add... Since i got my bike, i was asking the same thing...cause the degress meter quickly jumps from 79c to 98c~108c... (but guru's here say normal and welcome me to the metal balls club =P) Just to share, this was a result of getting stuck on CTE last Saturday...(it was moving but slowly) [img]http://i1003.photobucket.com/albums/af159/starwarsilike/IMG_2234.jpg[/img] after the red marks fades off... i was left with a small scald.. Sobs
  6. Walau!! just come only! then can see Fufu =p
  7. Heng leh change my nick some more.... is there a way i can change my nick? R1ilike =p i cant event change my AVATAR, cant find the button...the user interface for this forum, not so onz....
  8. Thanks Kaii69 - will check it out? will i finally meet the Guru this Friday?
  9. http://i1003.photobucket.com/albums/af159/starwarsilike/th_RV2.jpg?t=1308552512
  10. Guys, can advise, where i can get a Black Seat Cowl for my bike? http://www.yamaha-motor.com/assets/accessories/500/5vy-w0771-40-00-500.jpg
  11. Count me in! however i don't know the way there...sobs... can meet with anyone in the city first? then go together? i working at Clark Quay - River Side Point
  12. Having fun man and slowly roasting my legs But Love it man!! when are we meeting up?
  13. Hello Guys! are we getting our Polo Tee next week? Meet Up Meet Up:cheeky:
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