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  1. will move off from 1st link shell @ 7am. *cancelled if raining.
  2. Riding around Kanchanaburi with a brand new almost virgin scoopy with 5km on odometer. http://tapatalk.com/mu/b4b7a663-6096-9251.jpghttp://tapatalk.com/mu/b4b7a663-60d0-512a.jpghttp://tapatalk.com/mu/b4b7a663-60fb-2d9f.jpghttp://tapatalk.com/mu/b4b7a663-611a-ee05.jpghttp://tapatalk.com/mu/b4b7a663-6142-0520.jpghttp://tapatalk.com/mu/b4b7a663-615b-afe7.jpghttp://tapatalk.com/mu/b4b7a663-6183-450b.jpghttp://tapatalk.com/mu/b4b7a663-619e-e912.jpghttp://tapatalk.com/mu/b4b7a663-61be-47e2.jpghttp://tapatalk.com/mu/b4b7a663-61e3-445b.jpghttp://tapatalk.com/mu/b4b7a663-61f7-1c46.jpghttp://tapatalk
  3.  damn.. I'm not in sg.. I still owe you durian.. missed my chance to repay you.. http://tapatalk.com/mu/b4b7a663-c3e4-87f4.jpg
  4. http://tapatalk.com/mu/b4b7a663-bacc-4488.jpghttp://tapatalk.com/mu/b4b7a663-bafc-8154.jpghttp://tapatalk.com/mu/b4b7a663-bb22-e82b.jpghttp://tapatalk.com/mu/b4b7a663-bc4a-7f52.jpghttp://tapatalk.com/mu/b4b7a663-bc67-8357.jpghttp://tapatalk.com/mu/b4b7a663-bc85-5cba.jpghttp://tapatalk.com/mu/b4b7a663-bca3-6d49.jpghttp://tapatalk.com/mu/b4b7a663-bcbd-e04e.jpghttp://tapatalk.com/mu/b4b7a663-bcd8-dccb.jpghttp://tapatalk.com/mu/b4b7a663-bcf6-6eda.jpg
  5. last weekend's ride in Phuket http://tapatalk.com/mu/b4b7a663-b413-2197.jpg http://tapatalk.com/mu/b4b7a663-b43b-5c71.jpg http://tapatalk.com/mu/b4b7a663-b471-c6d2.jpg http://tapatalk.com/mu/b4b7a663-b4a1-6e32.jpg http://tapatalk.com/mu/b4b7a663-b4c2-cc26.jpghttp://tapatalk.com/mu/b4b7a663-b5a1-d312.jpg http://tapatalk.com/mu/b4b7a663-b5e5-65e8.jpghttp://tapatalk.com/mu/b4b7a663-b601-979a.jpghttp://tapatalk.com/mu/b4b7a663-b62c-35c5.jpghttp://tapatalk.com/mu/b4b7a663-b69e-289b.jpghttp://tapatalk.com/mu/b4b7a663-b6d8-fd67.jpghttp://tapatalk.com/mu/b4b7a663-b702-3777.jpg http://tapatal
  6. Hi, I would suggest that you think of a destination before you ask people to go riding with you. Having no destination, is like asking a girl out without knowing her name. possible but not conducive.
  7. ride until pants tear @[email protected] duno rear end got come out smoke anot..
  8. anyone wants to buy gt-rider maps? I try go bookshop find when I'm in bkk next week.
  9. Kuantan slow ride Date: 23-24 July 2011 Speed: 80 km/h Do: Try camping / rainbow waterfall.
  10. I may just do this during CNY holidays. 5 days just nice woh..
  11. Good luck for your MHS trip next month. will pass you smth before you set off. May the force be with you!
  12. Motorcycle lanes on a typical expressway in Malaysia are completely separated from the main carriageways, such as on the Federal Highway.In some parts of the whole expressways and highways in Malaysia, there is an additional lane designated for motorcycles. These lanes are usually about half the width of a normal lane on the North-South Expressway and are positioned on the extreme left side of the main carriageway for each direction of travel. These special lanes are found in Shah Alam Expressway, Butterworth-Kulim Expressway, Federal Highway, Guthrie Corridor Expressway, Putrajaya-Cyberjaya E
  13. To try to get my message across, I had to resort to PM you is because I choose to stop posting here, stopped joining you meet up and trips, deleted you from FB, left your FB group, deleted your phone number. Otherwise, I do not see any point of me contacting you since we cannot see eye to eye. I've already gotten my message across very clearly that it is not me, yet you choose ka lan jiao wei as you always do. Since you already sharpen your arrow and laced it with poison, why bother disguising it? You know for sure why I am so disgusted with the whole thing. I already chose to let go.. Why
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