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  1. awit

    Hi bro...

    Last time u searching for this shoe...

    U found where to buy...?http://stores.sportbiketrackgear.com/images/InitialSet/shift_kicker_shoe_white_inside_LG.jpg

  2. marko, you work at suntec? i always see a cb400 four black colour park outside near entrance to basement carpark, was wondering if it's yours.
  3. check out what i saw over the weekends! Puch bike! There's 5 unit of Puch in this workshop including this one. Other 4 were rustbuckets and I asked the mechanic if he planned to salvage the 4 for parts to fix this particular one, he told me no. he will restore all 5 of them though i'm not quite sure how he can accomplish it. But still ups for the effort to restore and for the rare bike. Old school style.
  4. I'm just asking if you do bidding and then shipping back to SG. if you're sourcing for the parts yourself, then i'm looking for a grab rail for a Suzuki Impulse 400. something like this. http://ilovemotor.jp/shop/g/gKA6466/
  5. i already know where to get the parts, from japan auction site. just need someone to ship it over. http://page14.auctions.yahoo.co.jp/jp/auction/s270912182
  6. @HRCSGP you bring in used parts from japan? what are the rates?
  7. i dont see anything. but i think i know where. the big mcd with carpark at 5 stadium walk there.
  8. yeah, pity though. something about old bikes that has their charm. all metal construction compared to the amount of plastics found on bike now.
  9. here you go, the Katana i saw. what a beauty, pity no one wants it. The frame looks clean enough, bronzed out. The Katana has a huge following in Britain, parts are also commonplace there. Sells for crazy value especially the 1100s. Over here though, seems like it never took off. Singaporeans generally don't like to keep/maintain old bikes.
  10. Not a bad choice really. Especially the older designs, looks very classic retro. The newer bikes are abit too futuristic for me. Curved tanks and all that. Although the main issue is parts and fixing it up, gonna be a pain waiting for parts to arrive and fixing them. anyways, there's also a nice classic Suzuki Katana 750 there at Autobay Guan Hoe. Pity it's left there to neglect, rust and dulled plastics. probably a non runner.
  11. saw a very nice kawasaki z1000r in eddie lawson replica colour at Perfection Motors, Kaki Bukit Autobay today. retro max! it even comes with a KERKER exhaust! and its a pretty damn big bike. very tempted to fire up and listen to the exhaust but not my bike also.....
  12. yeah! nice to see your Zephyr. Although its not a Z1, but still, classic look i like!
  13. might if i come along? always a fan of classic retro bikes.
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