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  1. Hi all, I am new to this thread. Loves classics, cafes, bobbers and all things with two wheels. I am looking for aftermarket exhaust for my honda ca125. Would like to have the one that look like on the w400. Anyone letting go? Or have any idea where I can get one? Cheers!!
  2. Hi speedwing,


    do u custom seat for pp? tks. If so, can u reply to my message. my hp is 93822239.



    (jus a guy into Customising, currently doing a streetfighter)

  3. I don't think these guys are checking on illegally modded bikes. To my knowledge they are there to tow away bikes that have not been paying their rdtax. Like not paying more than a year. Or bikes that are being laid up and missing from their parking place. Or maybe checking on stolen bikes. I don't think they have the time to visit our mscp to check on illegal mods. How I know? Becos Iam an LTA undercover agent spying at the Harley Riders thread! Ha ha just kidding man! Actually my previous bike have been towed away by LTA enforcement officer before. 2 tipees came over to my car park, ch
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