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  1. Nps Haha, not his real birthday la. He like to mislead ppl
  2. So are yours man hassan, keep them sick please i just love it. I'll keep em coming, interesting ones We just came back, and we're dripping wet. THANKS TO GLENN
  3. hassan : i love your pic, very sadistic. glenn : ur gf draw the pic not bad ah PS. **** liverpool =X
  4. What i'm unhappy about is below.. I also agree since val is like the one who checked my bike, he would be the best man to go with me. Ya, i felt good initially, but after hearing all this problems i also sian. But of course, definitely, new stuff and spray he change i don't doubt, since it took effort. I'm relaxed now, chop also chop, i wouldn't know how to calculate. As for the block and stuff like that, i also confused now. But thanks for the concern, don't let an outsider like me ruin things between you all or what la.. Since you middleman often frequent there i also understand, glenn also
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