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  1. Hello! I just saw your message. :)

    thank you for all that info! Hmm. I won't know what suits me until I get on and try. Haha. Well I guess it's too early to talk about it too since I'm only at pract5..

  2. Hey there.


    Dunno if you saw my message on the NUS thread. I'm a CBF rider coming to about 18months now. Hmmm, if you wanna ride with the NUS riders I would recommend a CBR150 instead. This is purely due to speed issues. (sometimes they say will ride at 90 but then they go like 100-110). The CBF will easily get left behind especially by the super4 and bigger bikes.


    As a CBF150 rider, I find it's a good commuting bike due to good Fuel Consumption, and it's rather close in terms of feel to the learning bikes (more for BBDC and SSDC which use CB125) so handling-wise it's very familiar. CDC uses YBR... So might be slightly different.


    Do check out the different types of bikes first prior to buying. But more importantly the type of bike that suits YOU, coz your comfort in handling the bikes is what matters most.



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