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  1. hi your bike plate is 5555?

  2. Due to work nature, i'm driving more than riding. Bike is currently parked at carpark and severely under utilised (I will start and warm the bike as and when). Current mileage is just 2,500KM (just done with run in). Always pump V-Power equivalent grade of petrol. Accessories include; - Rainbow exhaust cover - Sliders - M.A.D mud guard - Radiator Guard - Voltmeter FBP 55*5D. Nice plate number. Looking for the next owner to make full use of this bike. Selling for $8,600 (got it close to $12,000. My loss your gain) and viewing is at yishun ave 9. No price negotiation befor
  3. This bike is freaking problematic. Had it overhauled 2mths back and now the back is sounding like it's gonna drop off and check engine light keeps appearing. Shld I just scrap it?
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