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  1. Hey guys, probably someone has asked this question before, but I didn't read through the history of this thread... However I did went through the last couple page... Wanna check with the old birds here..are there any reliable workshop for the servicing of a beemer? I saw the names of M-Technik and Tacyron...are there any others?
  2. Pardon me manimani, but u have no idea wat's a low side, high side. Hmm..wat kind of riding experience do u hav? How long have u been riding? I'm just asking... I mean you should learn to walk before u wanna run or fly. No offense but I tink u shld take it slow by learning the basic stuffs first.
  3. $2500 - $3800 k? Thats like $3.8 Million budget.. I shall help u, u just sit back and relax, and I'll get u whatever 2B bikes that you wan. If 1 is not enough, I can get u 2 or even 3 bikes to suit your needs. Just pass me ur budget and I'll settle everything for you. Lol...
  4. U r looking at CL2 bike and u wanna put side panniers big enough for FF helmets... And u aren't looking at Sports bike..hmm... VFR nice sports touring bike. FZRs also not bad, the 600, 800 & 1000. BMW GS will last you a long time, but then the height might be a challenge. Suzuki V-Strom alike to BMW GS. Actually u really have to look at the characteristics that you want. Intend to go for long trips? Ur height and weight?(Well, does not directly reflects on your ability to handle your machine, but then a 150cm dude will have more difficulty handling a goldwing as compared to a 190cm dude.) Ur preference? Touring bikes?Street/road bikes?Off road etc? Ur budget?
  5. M riding a s model...rode up to Thai... Great bike for touring. As they say, the naked version will subject you strong winds when you go at high speed! However, IMO, the Naked version is comestically nicer to look at. Your choice..
  6. Totally disagree... I remembered that there was once I fell and my bike had my leg pinned under which I had no strenth to get my bike up. Cars behind just signaled and then change lane to avoid hitting me (I was at a slip road so the speed is slow). Up to 4 or 5 cars simply just went pass me. At that moment of time, there were those banglas (group of them) cuttiing the grass with their machines. 2 of them ran over and helped me lift up my bike, freeing me. Help me push my bike to the side and offered me some drinks. U can be educated and driving some luxury car, but if you don't have a heart, u are worse off than anyone else.
  7. Sis..ur profile have 158 views wor!!

  8. Well...smoking causes cancer...and still people smokes! Screw tat..I'm still riding...haha... Do what I enjoy...for U will not noe hw many 'tomorrows' you will have...
  9. Actually I think a lot of us have already pointed out the most important difference between learning of bikes and cars.. In general, the handling of bike is more challenging compared to that of a car, however its easier to judge distance & space when you r on a bike than that of a car.. My 2 cents..
  10. Yah...I always service my shocks at Teck Thye..
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