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  1. CDC, cuz i got earlier test date for taking 2A there...
  2. My chain slacked alot, I'll definitely give my tyres a pump soon. I think I changed my air filter few months back, so carburetor or engine need some cleaning. How do i get my carburetor/engine cleaned?
  3. Bike wash I wanna join, I until now still dunno how to clean grim off sprockets... Cnt find diesel or kerosense...
  4. The issue just so happen appear after a few ppl pillion me for quite long distance, quite heavy ppl somemore. Difference quite obvious and sudden My tyres i pre-pump to higher psi be4 i pillion, so may be the chain. I'll go check it out, thanks @Zack83
  5. Anyone experienced this be4? Engine braking and pick-up has significantly weakened after multiple rides with pillions... What could be the issue? Clutch plates wearing out?
  6. Last 2 to 3 weeks I open max throttle everyday until a few days ago... Got like a certain rattling sound when I go above 100km/h, so now I below 100 alrdy, dun dare go above...
  7. So what's the reason for your piston jam? Over-rev?
  8. Wanted to try them as I can join you guys this week.
  9. There is the picture is in the link below


    The address of the shop is Blk 541 Jurong West Ave 1 #01-1046C, store name is U-techn I think...


    Its definitely a bargain cause I dun think you can find another jacket with the same kind of armour and price

  10. melvin right ur name? hehhe i forgot arhh bro! anyways u got the pic or not about ur jacket? lol.. can i take a look cause if im interested i want to buy one :) hehehe.. can u add me up on fb? [email protected] if cant find me u can sreach Teddy Deegan..:) hehe thnks!

  11. 27 Jan? I think we would be taking on the same date... I'm just hoping my LOA gets approved so i can take TP...
  12. I think I'm the lucky one around here whose parents dun mind me riding cuz everyone but my mom rides... In fact my dad encourage me to ride. But I think safety is sort of underrated in my family though. Dunno how some people where full gear but bike no box... Anyone taking road revision soon?
  13. lol just saying sorry sorry then faster chao...
  14. @circuitzero & @muzzyfuzzy or anyone whom parents object them to riding, might wanna read this article
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