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  1. Up for sale is a near perfect condition RS125. COE until September 2023 (renewable) so there is still a good 4 years left. Many parts changed out with major wear and tear components replaced (whole bottom end changed this month and new piston installed in May). Bike is as good as new and you can ride knowing that both top and bottom end is practically new. Total mileage is only 51k and i am the second owner. Full fairings have been changed to carbon fiber design (not sticker!) therefore definitely a head turner. Serviced @ RSS only. Fully derestricted so no power dips @ 5,000-5,500RPM rang
  2. Wow such a long time since i came back to my thread... sad to see how much SBF has changed over the years... just like a ghost town. I miss the days when this thread was flooded with replies, daily meet ups etc. Memories have gone with the wind, just like many legendary NC35's in the scrap yard
  3. Hi bro what is the brand of steering damper you mounted on your Rvf? And where can I still find it?

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