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  1. Hiya~ So fast selling your ducati ar~

    Give me few more months lol. Just got 2a recently, but cash strap =X Or else I sure take your nice monster =D


    Thumbs up for monster xD

  2. Thanks for the reply =) Previously I was riding phantom, only till it went down on me , and I decided to sell it to other bikers for them to overhaul. Which is why I have gotten myself an SP just to tide me over for that few months. Also just to experience sports bike for once ._. I mainly ride for commuting, so a sportsbike isn't going to be a long lasting option, since it gets freaking uncomfortable.Plus being a high rev machine, lane splits during slow moving traffic is quite tedious. I guess I will still get myself a duke haha, have been eyeing on it since before I took my 2b
  3. Ups for monster xD ~ Just gotten my 2A license yesterday, and was intending to get a Monster 400. Too bad due to some issues and some bike problems previously, I am low on cash =( Now a m400 is so near yet so far ! On a side note, any shops selling 2nd hand Monster ? Cuz hard to get installment payment with private sellers and loans get a little troublesome for direct buyer-seller cases =x
  4. Hi I'm ah Hua from motor factor would like to help u ... Pls call my wrkshop from 12pm to 7 pm Im oso riding SP & I hv mount the same meter on my bike it works well for me... Stop listening to some pple who dunnod a single tink & stop playing guessing game... Is beta u drop by my work place I get it fix for u... But pls cum after 12 . Blk 3006 Ubi Rd 1 01-336 S(408700) tel 67440814 see you...

  5. whichwire is that? the wire that leads to the ignition coil from the crank sensor ?
  6. Yep haha. Tried the method of splicing ignition box to spark plug . but didnt work. Don't know if I got the right place. The spot there super tight =X Tried the unorthodox method of wrapping around spark plug wire xD But doesn't seemed to receive any pulse signal as well. Later will be trying to hook directly to the crankshaft pick up sensor (think got a few wires, need to slip open and see) , or try on the ignition coil. If both cannot, I suck thumb already xD
  7. Nope. Not the same haha. Analog type uses the pin type, whereby the camshaft sensor magnet will spin the cable inside the RPM cable. The digital ones are purely on wires. Hmm , later after my FTT I go take out my fairings and see if I can find anything out and try try =X
  8. Oh my, take care bro! try to avoid slopes if possible for parking. Last time when I rode phantom it's the same thing. Sometimes at slope, I don't have enought strength to push the bike in any cases I need to push the bike. Lucky those times I have crash bar. Saved my legs alot of times, including skids. And agree with spyder, wear covered shoes =) and also try to wear jeans or long pants while riding. More protection =D
  9. Not koso. From ah boy de =X Yep, the stock one is wired at the bottem right of the engine. the place where the analog cable leads to right ? The gauge already received the battery from another wire so I just need to get the RPM wire to the RPM signal wire. The bottem right corner there , I thought only the analog cable can connect there? Can remove and patch the digital RPM wire is it ?
  10. Yes still avaliable. where you stay ? I stay at sembawang.

  11. hi is your Phantom Custom 4 Handlebar still available ?

  12. Thank you for the help ! Just now I went to the carpark to DIy the hell out of my bike again xD End up the mechs did not do a good job .. After I ride off from their workshop, the digital meter was haywire, numbers jumping around or no signal. From then till just now, I was like .. siao liao .. tio scam .. End up result of DIY ? I realised they did not do the battery part properly .. I open up here and there. Finally got my meter working =_= .. well halfway. The RPM wasn't receiving any signal. Not sure if the mech connect it at the right place, because iirc, I believe bikes w
  13. Hi SP riders. I got a question to ask .. Anyone installed digital meter on their bike ? like those rx1n koso meters. I bought one from the infamous ah boy, but is a imitation goods la .. Then I went to AHM to fix .. but apparently the meter did not work at all. It will go crazy the moment you start the bike .. So other than AHM , anyone installed the meter somewhere else? Might want to try to go other workshop and see if they can help me with it .. If really is a screwed up meter, I will just get the original from AHM .. *slap myself for being dumb*
  14. nice ride guys . morning ride is good as usual, just battery flat after that~ cool to see new rides every week !
  15. Haha alright~ Only started getting parts and such. Have not yet done anything to the bike xD Gotten the alien headlight and digital meter from ah boy (yea, couldnt resist the temptation, and it's smaller so it is essential if I converting to streetfighter.) Brought to ah chong .. he says too chim =X it's the somewhat replica of rx1n de (if you ever see it at the display at ah boy) There is this place a KakiBukit that does installation but charges $90 =X anyone dares to DIY ? Bwahaha. Thought of using Koso mirror with LED signal, not sure if it's legal, in the sense that the mir
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