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  1. Those i said is all at AMK autopoint, amk ind pk 2a. I stay geylang bahru, very near to ur place too !
  2. Bro, there`s alot of shops doing Subaru. Just a matter of which shop u trust in. Normally ppl will visit BMS, BKS, Foo Brothers, Merlin..etc
  3. So far i`m a light footed driver as from 1st gear to 2nd change at 2rpm..
  4. As far as i know only SuperSprint & Remus..
  5. wow.. Lucky didn`t waste $ n buy it. Cos bro DreamMachine remind me that this stuff is not for MY07 subaru..
  6. Talking abt performance, wat`s ur view on this thing call : throttle control ? It`s a device that got "Sports" , "Eco" & "Nor" mode.. ?
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