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  1. thanks...any contacts...get to know take time lah..
  2. I am required to make routine ride to our branch office in Malaysia - about 20km from JB. Never traveled alone. What do I have to prepare myself for with my scooter burgman 400? I am concern about bike breakdown, tyre puncture, battery flat - how to get help and what is common things to prepare?
  3. Wow! decision made for a very different ride. Could Mr Biker been right? haha..
  4. Its possible to get use to it..takes awhile and some patients...also depends if approaching higher age than maybe valid for less hedonistic needs
  5. still looking for aftermarket shocks for the burgman 400. Silverwing forum seems to have more lobang for these things. Burgman forum seems to no response when such question are posed.
  6. I thought this was only on the earlier 2007 model onwards? 2010 model already still haven't resolve?
  7. this is my second msg to you regarding the cbx750p - do you have a phone number or an email address i can contact you with, when i get back to spore? i'm outstation till early may 2010.


    [email protected]

  8. hi there - keen to find out more about the cbx750p. could you email pictures to me please?


    [email protected]


    thanks. :-)

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