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  1. Rare single spark R 1150 GS BMW. Low maintenance. Less electronic problems. Year 2001. Coe till 2021. $10k Low mileage. Just above 60k. Well maintained. Serviced regularly. New haul sensor, timing belt, front and rear tyre and Shaft bearing. ABS still working. Comes with spare timing belt. Light bar, fog light and headlight protector installed. Doesn't come with number plate. Viewing at Tampines. Open for trades. Please discuss. Maybe tmax + top up. Keyless model
  2. hello. I got some stuff to clear cos the gf is making noise that I have too many bags and stuff around. So here it is. There's a list I put on the website. Pictures and description included. Check it out. Scroll down if you don't see what you want. I just put everything together. Those without price or with question mark are not ready to be sold yet. http://iammakingart.blogspot.sg/ Some items on list Harley crash bar. After marketFLHR / Roadking - $150 Original OEM Harley quick release pillion backrest / sissy bar. FLHR / Roadking - $250 Harley after market pipes. Screaming Eagles I
  3. That's right. Like some idiot I know. ---------------------------- http://www.myspace.com/wyxmm
  4. Road quiet. Forum also quiet. Heh ---------------------------- http://www.myspace.com/wyxmm
  5. Road quiet. Forum also quiet. Heh ---------------------------- http://www.myspace.com/wyxmm
  6. Road quiet. Forum also quiet. Heh ---------------------------- http://www.myspace.com/wyxmm
  7. Welcome to the planet of the apes.
  8. I can tell you what I do with my pictures.
  9. I not old school la. Can't stand all the funny colors or design. I like my bikes clean.
  10. Hopefully not the purple one. Yuck. hahaha.
  11. There goes our money making plan. Hahahaah ---------------------------- http://www.myspace.com/wyxmm
  12. Welcome welcome. What u riding? ---------------------------- http://www.myspace.com/wyxmm
  13. Finish work around 8. tot have quick one then go home sleep. tired sia
  14. Slow one la. Last time I wait like a few weeks. No news from HDS also -_-
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