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  1. The matter is also report in Stomp. Think we should register as Stomp member, make comments so the incident will get attention from the LTA bosses. I think the problem is selective enforcement. The officer, LTA 11 don't like Harley so he target Harley, another officer don't like ah Beng style chongster car, so he go after those. That is discrmination by the enforcement officer, basically not enuff control by LTA. If it's a top down message from LTA management to go after Harley, I've nothing to say - LAN LAN, but I believe that's not the case, there are other more important issues for
  2. Think the big question with arkra pipe is not how much but how loud. No point it's approve but sound same as stock.
  3. LTA recent enforcement action is either A) a direction from the Top or B) the LTA enforcement team decided among themselves to target certain bikes. If its B) then it's discrimination & selective enforcement, if its A) LTA should be prepared to to explain why they are targetting certain bikes. Either way, we need someone to speak for Harley Owner and asked why we're being victimised ... The law is clear on illegal modification and non-approved exhaust; we're not asking LTA to close an eye on Harley, we're asking them to be fair; LTA & TP has periodic strategy & targets;
  4. Anyone considering the LTA Approved Akrapovic slip-on ?????
  5. Just search YouTube for the akrapovic valve systEM. . It a dial like knob mounted near the thigh to adjust the volume of the exhaust . .. Damm cool ...
  6. Akra slip on- EC type approve, which mean chances are LTA will approve, Retail in States for US$1200/-, for another US$500/- can get a Valve system to adjust the sound level with the touch of a button . .. Even without the local mark up, that's a lot of money . . .
  7. for inspection, just go ... try ... be polite, be humble ... they can give u one or two conditional pass ... Ask shop to sent for you, they must incurr tow, the mech can't ride your bike there, then must also pay for their time ... sometime the bike shop won't even do anything to the bike, they'll just send ...
  8. anyone here tried or is using the G2 throttle tamer .... OR know if there is a local agent ...
  9. Thanks thenation So it normal to charge another sum of about S$250 for labor. ie: for valve clearnce? There is no accusation ... just asking question ...
  10. so i assume usually change timing belt, including labor would cost less than S$300? i kanna chop the labor of S$250?
  11. Need advise ... think i kanna chop; just did servicing, i paid 2x S$120 for the timing belt and another S$250 for labour; include gasket, filter, oil, plugs, total cost of servicing S$700+!!!!!
  12. any can share where to make spare key ... without paying a bomb i've lost the RED key, heard that will need the RED key to 'program' the new/spare key ..
  13. i've been told that timing belt cost about S$150/- to replace ... is that for both or for one? just paid S$120x2 = S$240 exclude labor for timing belt .. is that about correct
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